What the O in OHIP Really Means

Lisa Boynton July 16, 2018

For most of us, it’s automatic.

Right after we book an international vacation we purchase travel insurance so we know we’ll be covered in case something unexpected happens.

But what if you are travelling to a different province within Canada? Our Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) has got us fully covered, right?


Different Province. Different Coverage.

To be clear, your OHIP coverage travels with you when you travel from Ontario to another province. BUT – it may only cover the cost of emergency treatment at Ontario’s rates and with Ontario’s restrictions.

That means if you have an unexpected accident outside of Ontario but still within Canada, some medical costs  may need to be paid up front.

There are also common OHIP services that we take for granted that may not be covered in other provinces, such as ambulance services, some dental emergencies and prescription drugs.

Out-of-pocket Costs.

Even if you show your OHIP card, some doctors may charge you upfront for certain services. Covering unforeseen medical expenses means you’ll have to spend money you weren’t expecting to or might not even have.

Yes, you can submit a claim to OHIP when you get back to Ontario, but only a portion of what you paid may actually be reimbursed.

This is why supplementary travel insurance coverage can help pay these costs and cover some of the services that OHIP may  not. It’s also why OHIP strongly recommends purchasing supplementary coverage for out-of-province travel.

If you want more details on your OHIP coverage while travelling, visit the Government of Ontario  FAQs for more information.

Why CAA Travel Insurance Makes Sense.

Wherever you decide to travel, CAA has comprehensive insurance options that will help protect against the financial impacts of emergencies or illnesses while you’re away.

You can expect great coverage choices for you and your family (including your pets) so everyone can enjoy a worry-free time away knowing you’re covered.

Let CAA find you the right travel insurance package so you can start dreaming about your departure date.

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