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You sure do! Travel insurance purchased through a provider, like CAA Travel Insurance, is not the same as provincial health insurance.

OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) covers most medical expenses, but may not cover things like:

  • A semi-private room
  • Prescriptions
  • Ambulance services (air or ground transportation), or
  • Return of vehicle, if you are unable to drive your car/RV back to your home province

These types of service can be very expensive and this is why OHIP strongly recommends purchasing supplementary travel insurance coverage.

To learn more about what the “O” in OHIP means visit caasco.com/EducateMe to watch an educational video and to find links to the OHIP site.

A pre-existing condition may include a sickness, injury, a condition you are receiving medical treatment for or something that is undergoing a medical investigation. You can travel with pre-existing medical condition(s)1; however, if you want coverage for your condition(s), it has to be considered stable before your departure date. The stability period varies on the type of insurance that is purchased.

To learn more about pre-existing conditions and stability visit caasco.com/EducateMe to watch an educational video.

No, CAA Travel Insurance has to be purchased before leaving the province.
CAA Travel Insurance now offers deductibles on most policies we issue. A deductible is a specified amount of money that you (the insured) agree to pay (in USD) should you have to make a claim due to something unexpected happening during your travels. Once you pay that amount, the travel insurance company will cover the remaining costs for all eligible claims.

You choose the amount of your deductible depending on what is convenient for you. By choosing to pay for a deductible, you can lower your travel insurance premium. The amount of reduction depends on what level of deductible you select. A higher deductible means greater savings.

Not all credit card travel insurance coverage is created equal. It’s important to contact your credit card company before you travel to understand what type of coverage your credit card provides (e.g., emergency medical, trip cancellation and interruption insurance), and if you are eligible for coverage.

Knowing the right questions to ask isn’t always easy. To help you in your research we’ve created a Know Your Coverage checklist that will help guide you when calling your credit card company. This list of questions will help ensure you have a clear understanding of what you may or may not be covered for.

To learn more about the importance of knowing your credit card coverage visit caasco.com/EducateMe to watch an educational video.

Yes, CAA offers a Top-Up product that will allow you to purchase the additional days of medical coverage you require; however, we recommend that you speak with your current provider and ask if they allow you to purchase additional coverage from another company. Each travel insurance provider’s policy is different, so ensure this additional coverage is permitted beforehand.  

To top up another provider’s plan you will need to visit your local CAA Store or call to speak with one of our travel insurance experts at 1-800-437-8541.