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Claim process.

We work with you throughout the entire claim process – from initial response through final resolution – to provide fast, caring service and to settle your claim.
Call us right away at 1-877-222-1717 to report your claim any time of the day or night on any day of the week. We are always available to answer your call.
The adjuster will answer your questions, work to confirm coverage and immediately move to retain the necessary resources to respond to any emergency needs. Be sure to discuss any questions you have regarding deductibles, your coverage or the repairs at this time.
We will inspect the damage to your property and estimate the cost of repair, replacement, or actual cash value. We use both staff resources and independent estimators and ensure that superior technical expertise is applied in the quantification of your loss. We also have relationships with a wide variety of specialists in every field from antiques and art to electronics and jewelry to ensure that the most accurate assessments are made, and fast, efficient service is delivered.
Ultimately the choice of a contractor for repairs to your property is your own and your peace of mind and satisfaction is our primary concern. When you need our help, our knowledgeable adjusters are ready to work with you to arrange the contractors and specialist necessary to restore your property. You can take advantage of our strong relationships with reputable contractors to be assured of premier service and excellent quality work.
We will keep you informed about your claim by periodically checking the status and addressing any further issues, such as additional damage, supplemental payments or changes to the expected completion date.
We settle your claim quickly, fairly and accurately and strive to minimize the disruption in your life.