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For accident coverage, insurance begins 48 hours after your policy purchase; illness coverage begins after 14 days. Some high risk conditions may have a 6 month waiting period.
Yes, provided your pet is not showing any signs associated with the hereditary or congenital condition prior to the start of coverage or within the applicable waiting period.
Pet insurance can begin any time after eight weeks of age. Dogs can be enrolled up to eight years of age and cats up to ten years.
The Intermediate and Luxury Plans have an age-based annual deductible that starts at $100 for pets under 5. The Compact Plan has a $50 per incident deductible.
If your premiums are up to date, CAA Pet Insurance will provide your pet with lifelong coverage. Your deductible will increase as your pet ages. However, your monthly premium is not be based on the age of your pet or due to your claiming history, which will help keep premium increases smaller over the years.
If your pet’s condition first occurred before your coverage began or within the policy waiting period, he/she will be excluded from coverage for that condition.
Occasionally, an emergency may necessitate special claim payment arrangements. The policyholder and the veterinary practice may request a pre-authorization by contacting us.
A health/benefits card is not required when you take your pet to the vet. You will be reimbursed for the treatment your pet receives.
We process claims in an average of five business days. Depending on your preference, we will either mail you a claim cheque or deposit the claim directly to your bank account.