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CAA Assistance1.

CAA Assistance is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. If you need CAA Assistance please provide your name, your policy number, your location and the nature of your emergency.

For immediate claims assistance:

In Canada and mainland U.S.A.:

By email:

Collect from anywhere else call:

For general policy inquiries:

Ensure you have your policy number or Declaration Page with you at all times while travelling.

An agent speaking into her headphones to a customer

What happens when you call CAA Assistance?

CAA Assistance will work closely with you to:


Help seek medical attention

Direct you to an appropriate physician or hospital at your trip destination, wherever possible.

Translate communications

Provide multilingual interpreters to communicate with physicians and hospitals.
Heart in hand

Monitor your care

Ensuring only appropriate, medically necessary treatment is given and that your medical needs are met.
Text bubble

Communicate on your behalf

Contact your family and physician on your behalf.
Wallet and money

Manage your medical expenses

Pay hospitals, physicians and other medical providers directly, whenever necessary.
Air ambulance

Arrange necessary transportation

Approve and arrange air ambulance transportation when medically necessary.
Emergency medical insurance

Policy terms and conditions

Inform you of any expenses not covered by this policy or to explain this policy’s terms and provisions as they relate to your medical emergency.

Why are you required to call CAA Assistance?

  1. If CAA Assistance is not notified, you may receive medical treatment or services which are not considered medically necessary as defined by this policy and benefits will be limited to:
    1. In the event of hospitalization, 80% of eligible expenses based on reasonable and customary costs to a maximum of $25,000; and
    2. The event of out-patient medical consultation, a maximum of one visit per sickness or injury.
    3. You will be responsible for the payment of any remaining charges.
  2. CAA Assistance must approve certain benefits in advance. Check the benefits section of your coverage(s) to see which benefit(s) this applies to.
  3. Trip Cancellation claims must be reported within one business day of the event forcing cancellation. If you do not call, you may sustain reduced benefits due to cancellation penalties that are imposed by the travel supplier. Benefits payable apply to those charges which are in effect on the day of the loss.
  4. Trip Interruption claims must be reported immediately to ensure that you do not incur expenses which are not covered benefits.
  5. If you pay eligible expenses directly to a health service provider without prior approval by CAA Assistance, these services will be reimbursed to you based on the reasonable and customary costs that would have been paid directly to such provider by the Insurer. Medical charges that you pay may be higher than this amount, therefore you will be responsible for any difference between the amount you paid, and the reasonable and customary costs reimbursed by the Insurer.

Limitation on CAA Assistance services

CAA Assistance reserves the right to suspend, curtail or limit services in any area or country in the event that war, political instability or hostility renders the area inaccessible by CAA Assistance. CAA Assistance will use its best efforts to provide services during any such occurrence.

You may contact CAA Assistance prior to your departure to confirm coverage for your trip destination.