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Chatham/Kent County

Length: 102 km. Approx. 2-3 day ride.
Start Point: Point Pelee National Park
End Point: Rondeau Provincial Park
Flat route primarily on loose surface roads.
S-turn/rough pavement.
Narrow bridge/no shoulder.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Description: This great route runs through Chatham-Kent County located in Southwestern Ontario, beginning in Point Pelee National Park and finishing at Rondeau Provincial Park.

Point Pelee National Park – Canada's most southerly point! One of our nation's smallest national parks also happens to be its most popular summer resort. The Centennial trail is the only trail available to cyclists at Pelee National Park.

Rondeau Provincial Park - home of the largest Carolinian forest! It offers several recreational activities including camping, swimming and nature trails for hiking, biking and rollerblading.

Fresh produce is available en-route at roadside stands and many camping facilities can be found along the way as well. There will also be plenty of opportunities for bird watching enthusiasts to view birds and see the monarch butterfly migration (late August until early October) at Point Pelee National Park and Rondeau Provincial Parks.

More attractions along the way:
(CAA approved):
Restaurants: Leamington
Events: Please visit http://www.chatham-kent.ca/tourism/Pages/Home.aspx for more information.

Additional Information: For a listing of AAA recommended campgrounds, see Woodall's Campground Guides available for purchase at all CAA Stores. For more information about attractions, accommodations, restaurants and events in the area, see the Ontario TourBook® available at all CAA Stores.
Map Link: goo.gl/maps/ki2xQxXTUVt