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Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, ON
St. Petersburg, FL
Approx. 1,935-km ride.

When the snow arrives, it is time to head south for the winter. One of the most popular routes is Interstate 75. Most travellers are anxious to reach those sunny Florida beaches and do not take the time to enjoy the sights en route. Why not extend your drive and explore the many attractions along the way? From outdoor adventure buffs to culture lovers, there’s something for everyone.

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To learn more about the Tampa area, click here

For more information about attractions, accommodations, restaurants and events in the area, refer to the Michigan/Wisconsin, Kentucky/Ohio/West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Central Florida  AAA/CAA TourBook® available to CAA Members at all CAA Stores.

For more information on the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail cycling route, click here.

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