Marijuana Grow Houses

Multiple houses in this suburb were used as grow ops

Grow ops can be found in close proximity to each other, like these ones in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Quebec.

The issue of “Grow-Houses” or “Grow-Op's” has increased significantly in Ontario Over the last four years. In order to develop and maintain a Property book of business that is both profitable and of good quality business, the Underwriting Department has Implemented this exclusion to proactively deal with the increasing burden of such Illegal activity.


A marijuana home grow operation is a house or other building that has been modified to grow marijuana. Marijuana Grow houses have no specific size or location. They can be set up virtually anywhere but residential, rental properties are preferred. In order to make a house suitable for cultivating marijuana, changes are made to the Homes structure. Sophisticated and significant structural changes are made to supply water, light and ventilation to the plants. The modifications along with the after affects of producing marijuana can cause considerable damage to a home, amounting to thousands of dollars in repairs. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, after only ONE successful grow operation the average claim to repair the damage caused to a dwelling is forty one thousand dollars but can be significantly higher, depending on the amount of damage that has been caused.