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You work hard for your vacations, so keep them filled with happy memories with CAA Travel Insurance. When you're covered by CAA, an unexpected illness or injury won't ruin your travels. Protect yourself and your loved ones against unexpected illness or injury: Remember to put CAA Travel Insurance on your pre-vacation checklist.

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"Wouldn't go without it. Had to see Dr. in Hawaii. They did the paperwork and I was reimbursed when I got home."


"We've used CAA Travel Insurance many times and they have paid for EVERYTHING - ambulance, hospital visits, X-rays, surgery. I have accident prone kids who travel a lot to play sports. Thank goodness for CAA insurance!!"


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Get started on protecting your future vacations, cruises and cross-border trips. One annual purchase for all your travels. Let’s get started.

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No matter what type of trip you want to take – from an all-inclusive getaway to a thrill-seeking excursion – CAA Travel has the perfect vacation package for you.

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