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Can you afford to travel without Emergency Medical Insurance?

Case studies clearly illustrate the value of Emergency Medical Insurance. Canadians are used to having most hospital / medical costs taken care of under our Government Health Insurance Plan - we normally are not aware of the actual costs. Even common medical situations can be extremely expensive in a foreign country.

Case Studies:

The following shows just how expensive unexpected medical costs can be while you're travelling. In the absence of travel insurance, patients are held personally responsible for paying medical costs.

Diagnosis Age of Insured Location # Days Hospitalized Claim
Perforated Ulcer 21 Florida 11 $110,988
Fractured Pelvis 79 Dominican Republic   $73,820
Stomach Duodenum 52 Cuba   $65,000
Dislocated Hip 86 Estonia   $45,000
Myocardial Infarction 59 Kentucky 5 $30,000
Pancreatic Steatorrhea 33 Austria 5 $28,000
Acute Appendicitis 56 China 8 $15,000
Congestive Heart Failure 65 Mexico 3 $15,000

CAA offers several choices for your Emergency Medical Insurance needs and three simple ways to purchase: